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Making the connections between women, sport, teams, confidence and female success in the workplace

Jennifer Moore – Yoga & Ironman Triathlon
Sam Horsfall – Triathlon Coach and parkrun
Jemima Leach and Helene Mon Petit – Island Games MBT Cycling Team

Progress may not be a straight line — but we do know, with tremendous clarity, that sport turns girls into women who lead. Provide them with sports experience, and watch female leaders rise.” Julie Foudy - Captain, Olympian and World Cup Champion

Research shows a strong link between successful female leaders and a background in team sports. Sport breeds confidence, leadership traits and the ability to work with a diversity of views, which is great if you are an employer trying to pick out who will be your next leaders!

But what about those of us whose inability to catch a ball disqualified us from ever being in the cool set! Do we have to miss out yet again in favour of the Lycra clad lovelies?

In this WDF meeting we will delve into the connections between sport, confidence and female success, looking at inspiring personal stories showing just what can happen when women come together to test their mettle.

Jennifer Moore, Holistic Health Coach, yoga teacher and retreat leader, will talk about what possessed her to start training for Ironman triathlons.  She has already completed a half and full Ironman and is currently training for more half Ironman races coming up at the end of the summer. Sam Horsfall is Jennifer's coach and runs a triathlon business as well as being a director of parkrun. Sam will explain the confidence benefits from joining in the weekly parkrun. Plus Jemima Leach and Helene Mon Petit, fresh back from representing Jersey as part of the Island Games Mountain Bike Cycling team, will tell their stories of companionship, collaboration, confidence and overcoming difficulties.

We will also look at the sporting options open to all of us to benefit from greater confidence and better physical health too.

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Event Details

Date: 11th July 2017

Location: Celestial Hall, Royal Yacht Hotel, St Helier

Time: 12.00pm - 2.00pm

Refreshments: A light lunch will be served.


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