Does female friendly employment legislation help or hinder women's careers?

Adv. Jessica Roland - Managing Partner
Carly Parrott - Counsel

Despite the recent introduction of maternity rights in Guernsey, the island still lags way behind the UK and Europe on female friendly employment legislation. Much of the current UK law stems from the past 44 years of UK members of the EU. At 52 weeks, UK maternity leave entitlement is some of the longest in Europe, while other countries, in particular the Nordic regions, choose instead a shared parental leave model. But which of these scenarios is best both for the baby and the woman’s career?

Likewise rights to flexible working vary widely across countries and individual companies, but are those women “lucky” enough to benefit from flexible working also being penalised by stunted career opportunities?

Following the success of the Mourant Ozannes “Sex Debate” in 2015 we will be following a similar format with an in room survey and lively debates amongst our speakers for and against female friendly employment legislation. It should be a good one! 

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Price: Free for Members / £25 Non-Members

Date: 4 July 2017

Location: Harry Bound Room, Les Cotils

Time: 12.00pm - 2.00pm

Refreshments: A light lunch will be served.

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